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The Campaign

The Anywhere Travel Scarf

The travel scarf for any outfit – anywhere!

The Anywhere Travel Scarf  is a scarf purposely designed for all seasons and all occasions. Featuring a series of clasps on one side and invisible zip in the centre, this scarf goes from being worn as a traditional scarf to a snood, cape, cardigan, kaftan and a dress.

No matter if your destination is hot or cold, if you are on the way to work or on the way to the beach, there is a way this scarf can be worn to suit your needs! 

The scarf will be available in three different fabrics to choose from and a variety of colours and prints.

Supporting Women In Business and Ethically & Locally Made Clothing 

The Travel Obsessive is a business owned by female founder/designer Jane Taylor (You can read about me next). The scarf is made by hand in Australia in conjunction with another female owned production house in NSW – Australia. 

The prints and patterns that you see are also designed by Australian artist Esther Fallon who also lives in NSW, Australia.  This means that each scarf bought and produced supports several female owned and operated businesses with workers being employed in fair and dignified working conditions. 


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See the Campaigns rewards and details below!


For many years I would stand waiting for the bus in winter holding my bags while the breeze would keep blowing my scarf or wrap from my shoulder. I got so frustrated and would often think to myself ‘I wish I had a wrap or scarf that had a clasp that would hold this in place’. A brooch was a stylish way to keep my scarf over my shoulder but would leave a puncture or mark after being put in the same place too many times. 

Fast forward a few years and in 2019 I was lucky enough to travel solo around Europe for 5 weeks. Travelling all the way to a cooler climate from a warm one in Australia, I realised just how convenient it is to have pieces of clothing that can convert into many ways to be worn in different climates or situations, whilst being comfortable during long periods of travel.


Where is your product made?

The Travel Obsessive is an Australian Owned, Australian Designed and an Australian Made product. Production takes place in NSW and VIC depending on the product.

The FREE coffee cup gift is not made in Australia.

When will the exact launch date be?

The final launch date has not been set, but it is looking like early 2023.

Will there be other rewards on Kickstarter apart from the main product?

Yes there will be! Not too much can be confirmed at the moment, but there will be different adds ons and rewards depending on the pledge amount.


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