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Welcome to my blog dedicated to independent travel and adventure. Welcome to my blog dedicated to independent travel . Here you’ll find some of my favourite tips and tricks, accessories, itineraries, personal blog updates from travels, must see things to do, reviews, favourite websites.

I started this blog because I absolutely fell in love with travelling solo.
When I started independent travelling, I was at a point in my life where my friends were settling down, but I wasn’t ready to do that. This meant that not only did I not have people who had the finances to travel but they had different priorities and obligations, meaning that I was struggling to find people who were at the same place in their life as me. That was when I realised this was a fantastic opportunity for myself.
My first solo trip was for 35 days around Europe at the end of last year – and it absolutely changed my life.

Now I love all things travel! I am obsessed with seeing and experiencing as much as possible around the world. I love experiencing new cultures and places, and that feeling of being in a new place and knowing that everyday your going to see something new and different that you couldn’t see at home. I love trying new foods that I have never heard of or trying a food in the country it originated from ( it’s always an eye opener as to how your country has put a spin on it).

But that’s not all. Travelling has not only sparked a love for blogging and taking unique photos wherever I can (which you can find on my Instagram page) but triggered an idea I have had for starting my own business. It’s in the early stages, but stay tuned as I slowly work through the challenge of starting my own business and journaling the process (which you can find on my YouTube channel).

xxx Miss J

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