This time last year…. Salzburg

A little remidner popped up on my timeline on Facebook today. It was a reminder of where I was this time last year. It was in beautiful Salzburg, Austria.

This time last year I arrived by train in Salzburg. I remember it was a cold gloomy day and as I finally dumped my luggage in my hotel room and went exploring, I was instantly spellbound by Salzburg. It was a place like no other I had seen. The medieval castle, the autumn trees the love lock bridge and the medieval old town with the most beautiful Christmas decorated shops. I remember getting my first cup of traditional mulled wine and walking around the streets and eventually walking across the love lock bridge to see the river.

Out of all the places I visited on my trip, Salzburg was by far one of my favourites. It’s like magic is held in the walls of the medieval towns walls. I know I definitely will be back.

I often think about if I ever find myself in the position, I would love to buy property in Salzburg.

I have composed a list my favourite pictures in a gallery (please do click on the photos to enlarge, they don’t do them any justice in this size), and I hope that they bring a bit of inspiration to anyone suffering from a little wanderlust due to the recent pandemic.

xxx Miss J.

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