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10 Unnecessary But Cool Vintage Airline Collectibles You Don’t Need, But Can Buy Right Now!

Ahhhh…. nostalgia. It’s all that’s keeping me going at the moment. My memories and trinkets from my trip that I was about to take just under a year ago is still kept alive from my 100’s of photos and nicks and knacks that I brought back with me.

I heard recently that airlines were so desperate and having to reduce and downsize their fleets, that they wound up selling off items including the fully stocked trolleys that they would use to serve people food from. That got me wondering, what interesting finds might be out there in the world of airlines collectibles and nostaligia – especially now that times are tough.

Well, as you’ll see below, there is no short supply for quirky items up for grabs. So I have listed my favourite top 10, and for those of you looking to buy something for those who are travel or airline obsessed, this might just make a unique Christmas gift.

1. Vintage 1980’s Thai Airways Playing Cards and Teaspoons – Set of Two Cards and Two Spoons

Perfect for those who like to dabble in the occasional game of cards, or those who are collectors of teaspoons to go with their morning cup of tea or coffee.

AU$49.00 – Seller Etsy

Purchase Here

2. Airbus A320 Fuselage Wall Clock

This is perfect for that person who loves bold minimalist statement pieces. It made from an old airbus A320 and there is also a version available in white. Looking for the perfect Christmas gift, know someone who needs a talking piece in their home, have a man that needs to be able to tell the time when he is locked away in his man cave – this is the answer!

AU$153.36 – Seller – Etsy

Purchase Here

3. Olympic Airways Leather Flight Bag

Take your love of antique and collectible memorabile to a whole new level and incorporate it into your wardrobe. This large vintage Olympic airlines leather bag is perfect for those who are a fan of a large leather bag. Fantastic for the trip t the office, library or even or your next vacation (whenever that may be).

AU$169.38 – Seller Etsy

Purchase Here

4. Qantas YSL By Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Aviation Collectible Navy Trench Coat

Keeping it in the realm of fashion, snag yourself not only a fabulous vintage collectible trench coat from Qantas, but get the quality and style of YSL! Yes you read that right, this trench was created for Qantas back in the day when YSL designed uniforms for Qantas. If I was a size 10 I would snag this for myself, but alas, my body matches the little bread rolls they give out with the main meal on a long haul flight, and I cannot fit……

AU $249.00 – Seller Ebay

Purchase Here

5. Singapore Airlines Vintage Oval Trinket Box

The beautiful detailed trinket box is perfect for those who love a touch or the oriental in their home. Beautiful decorated and designed for Singapore airlines, it really is a lovely piece.

AU$22.39 – Seller – Etsy

Purchase Here

6. Set of 4 Vintage 1970’s National Airlines First Class Glasses Collectibles

I don’t know about you, but being stuck at home has left me with some great cocktail making skills. I love nothing more than serving my home made creations in a cute glass, and as the festive season approaches there are going to be more and more reasons to pull out a cute set to serve either your guests (or yourself) a fabulous drink.
This set is perfect for that, and what I love most is that they don’t specifically ‘look’ like they are an airlines collectible, so they don’t have a tacky or kitsch vibe about them.

 AU $40.95 – Seller- Ebay

Purchase Here

7. Qantas Plane Tag Moto Art 747-400 VH-OJN – Made With Real Aircraft Skin (White)

So this is kind cool, it’s a luggage tag/keyring and its made from the skin of an actual Boing 747.
Not only is part of a limited edition production but it is actually a great way for airlines to partially recycle the old plane once it has reached it’s lifecycle. I believe there are red ones that can also pop up from time to time for sale too!

AU $99.99 – Seller Ebay

Purchase Here

8. Airline Cart Airline Trolley Bar Cart Half Cart

Yep, I told you it was a thing. A few months ago airlines had an auction to get rid of their trolleys stocked with goodies they were no longer using. This specific one does not have draws with it, however there are others online which are smaller that come with draws. They make great little compact storage spaces for small rooms such as a home office, bathroom, laundry or even kitchen!

AU $480.00 – Seller Ebay

Purchase Here

9. Vintage Collectible Pin: United Airlines 1984 Olympics Games Official Airline

This is a two for one nostalgic deal – not only can you remember the good o’l times when we could fly, but you can daydream about an Olympics that never got to happen and may not happen for another 4 years- what a score!

AU $7.05 – Seller Ebay

Purchase Here

10. Vintage Air France Logo Ashtray/Mid Century Airlines Passenger Jet Souvenirs/Sleek Metal Chrome Steel Ash Tray.

While I don’t endorse smoking, I do endorse cute little trays that can hold jewellery, keys, snacks or other little bedside necessities such as medication. These matching little ash trays would be perfect on a paired bedside table or even at your front door or at your home office.

AU$41.30 – Seller Etsy

Purchase Here

Well I hope you had as much fun scrolling through that list as I had putting it together.

xxx Miss J

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