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I can’t tell you how exciting it is to announce that my travel accessories store is officially open. I have been working hard on it for months now whilst juggling trying to design my own line of anti-theft bags (this will come much later in the year, if not earlier next year).

I am a little apprehensive because obviously travel accessories are not going to be the most popular item at the moment, but that is why I have also scoured far and wide for travel home wares and travel based activities to sell on my website too!

I also have a special deal going this week to celebrate my launch which is listed below AND I have listed my top 5 favourite items.

Hopefully now I have finished setting up this I can try and work on blogging a bit more.

My top 5 favourite items;

  1. Anti-theft travel scarf: So this is what I took when I went travelling around Europe last year. It was a massive help in ensuring I didn’t have to worry about my phone,credit cards or money being stolen. I simply kept what I needed for the day in my scarf pocket and only pulled out cash when I needed to. $20 Au
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2 – Silicone travel cup; I actually have been using one of these for years now, way before I started travelling. I am one of those people that needs to be caffeinated well before she reaches work in order to be my perky best self for my coworkers, and that usually means drinking my coffee on the bus. Once I am done I simply fold the cup into itself and pop into my bag. No waste, no worrying about having to responsibly dispose of it in a bin and I save myself a pretty penny too – to use towards travelling more!
$15 Au
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3 – Colourful Destinations – Canvas Prints; Being stuck at home and getting bored has led me to start working on redoing my room. I am already planning on buying several of these posters, and in fact I am planning on doing a mini travel makeover piece in a few months time. Stay tuned for that. Princes range depending on size. $8 Au – $45 Au
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4 – World Map Classic Edition – Non-Woven Vinyl; My Travel Accessories shop sells many maps. I love a good map. I have picked this one because it’s muted colours would go well in any room and would make a great gift for anyone. It’s detailed enough to also be an educational map, not just a minimalist decoration piece for a wall.
$30 (but currently on sale down to $26)
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5 – Cup Warming Coaster – Featuring 3 levels; So I couldn’t not have this item in my list. I love it so much that it’s even my product of the month. This one features 3 different levels and if you are anything like me, you hate your tea or coffee going cold. In fact I am a serial microwaver. Yep, I reheat my tea or coffee when it goes cold, and i’ll do it more than just once. Hopefully this puts a stop to that!
Normally $36 Au but as it’s the product of the month, its down to $30.60 Au
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If you have any suggestions or ideas of a travel accessory you are on the lookout for, let me know or leave a comment 🙂

xxx Miss J

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