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10 Etsy Travel Accessories To Buy To Support Small Business Now

There is nothing like a justified purchase, am I right? And what better reason to justify a purchase then to buy something you definitely will use and that will support small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

So I have scrolled through Etsy and found 10 fabulous finds that any travel obsessed person should be adding to their Etsy cart right now!

#1 Airpods travel case.
Ok, so what I love about this is you can use this for more than just putting your airpods in. Personally I don’t own airpods and don’t see the appeal, as I don’t have the right ears for them to stay in without loosing them. But I love the clear case and it could be used for everything from keep jewellery, your floss case (you don’t want something that contains floss that will go in your mouth to touch a bathroom your not familiar with – germs breed), loose buttons or even panadol.

AU $17

#2 Customised Travel Name Tags:
So there is always going to be a million luggage cases that look the same on that conveyor belt. The only way to ensure you can easily identify it is to get a unique colourful tag. Even better is the fact you can customise this to have your contact details or a specific details put on your luggage case that only you know to ask for if your bag gets lost and the airline needs to hunt it down.

AU $18

#3 Labelled Wash bags.
These cute wash bags go all the way in terms of organising what goes where. It includes a set of four bags, each dedicated to shoes, lingerie, socks and clothing that needs to be washed.

AU $21

#4 Travel size acetone hair combs.
So there is something about travelling hours on end with the back of your head pushed up against that chair in the plain that makes my hair knot. In fact it doesn’t take much, humid weather, hair past my shoulders, the wind, wearing a scarf… in fact I need to keep a comb with me at all size. These are not only travel friendly in size and come in three fabulous colours.

AU $31

#5 Mini Green Jasper Pocket Notebook.
So I love being able to jot down anything that I find and want to remember, restaurants, shops I like, the cards of small business I visit, tickets or any small pieces of paper, anything you need to jot down for delays or transfers or if you are like me, knowing you can write down an idea or inspiration you have for a new project.

AU $48

#6 Dental Amenities Travel Case
So this is fantastic. I HATE having to pack up my wet dental tool and amenities and have them sit for hours or overnight damp and collecting bacteria. This little kit allows you to let them dry on a towel and then wrap them up ready to move on to your next destination.


AU $26

#7 Portable Cutlery Travel Set

This is for all those eco friendly travellers and those who are heading to a destination where cutlery cannot be purchased or will not come with your prepackaged foods you buy at the grocery store (check my article here on what I wish I had known when I was visiting Salzburg or Vienna). It’s a great pruchase to have in your luggage!


AU $39

#8 Travel Soap Tin With Soap Slices
This is genius. Nobody who travels should go anywhere without some of this on hand. Personally there is nothing that makes me more than walking into a bathroom and there is no soap. I just can’t deal. having these, especially now more than ever is important for backup.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Travel-Soap-Tin-3.jpg

AU $14

#9 Leather Cable Organiser
If there is one thing that you need to not get tangled during your 17 our transit, it’s your cables and wires. You don’t have a lot of space to work with especially on a plane, so this is an absolute necessity for frequent travellers.
AU $107

#10 Leather Personalised Passport Holder
This is a beautiful and classic cover. Having it in a neutral colour is great as it covers what country you come from which can protect your privacy and also reduce your risk of being targeted based on the country you come from.

AU $36

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