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Why Now Is The PERFECT Time To Get Your Travel Toolkit Updated

Although it may not feel like it, right now is THE time you should be updating your travel toolkit.

Your travel toolkit is one of those things that either leads you to realise you have all the necessary items for your trip – ‘somewhere around the house’ or is one of those panic attack inducing list of items that you realise you have not properly thought about and is missing from your checklist as you are a week out from your trip.

What is the reason why now is prefect to update when nobody knows when borders will fully open, when flights and airlines are cancelled and there may not be a vaccine in months or a year or more? Sales and research my friend.

The fact that most of the travel industry is not operating means companies are promoting massive sales on everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.

Everything from RFID card protectors to luggage is on sale – and heavily discounted prices are not the only plus.
Time is another important factor when researching for your toolkit. If you have time to properly research and compare brands, this will allow you to make a better decision in your purchase and hopefully buy something that will last you longer for years and travels to come.

Everybody travels differently, so everyone will have different needs, but you should have a dedicated space in your house with a dedicated box or bag of items that you only ever use when traveling. This way you will not have to go through the routine hunt of randomly compiling items for a week as your brain tries to remember when it last used that RFID blocking passport and ticket holding wallet that you used 2 years ago.

I will be creating my own personal toolkit tick sheet that I will post later and have as a free download.

xxx Jane

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