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I’m Starting A Business For A Product In An Industry That Is Now Dead During A Pandemic

So, I’v decided to start my own business. Wait, no, let’s take it back a step. I’v had an idea.

Journal Entry 1

I’v had an idea for a product for the travel industry, for which is now pretty much dead, and I am going to start the process for creating this product for an industry that is now dead during a pandemic.

I have also decided that I am going to video journal the process. Will I succeed, I have no idea. but I know this much, if Corona virus has taught  us one thing, it’s to be thankful of the opportunities that come our way and not neglect missed moments to achieve something.

So, what can I tell you about this idea of mine. Well, not much. It’s in such it’s early stages that I don’t feel comfortable talking about the specifics, but I can say this. It is a physical product ( or products really).

I can also tell you I have no experience, no training, I have never gone to business or design school, I have no startup capital, no connections, no idea how to find our connect with a manufacturer, no support system and my family and friends have no idea I am planning to pursue this.

So I have decided to journal my process on YouTube and on my blog, so that hopefully I can connect with others in the same position and record my progress and look back on how far I have come and how I have overcome the challenges along the way. 

xxx Miss J


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