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I Will Travel Again

So I recently found out about the following company. It’s called ‘I Will Travel Again’ and it’s a great initiative. It focuses on different regions in the world and takes tours, small businesses and different experiences and allows you to purchase a gift card to use in future.

Now, I have to say I have not purchased a gift voucher yet, BUT I can say that my workplace is in the process of working with them and listing a product.

I also noticed they have another great idea that is completely new and not something that you would have to wait months to experience – at home virtual experiences.

For example you can sign up for a LIVE cooking class or take a watercolour painting class with someone in Italy, go on a FREE wine tasting class with someone in Lyon, go on a virtual tour of the streets of Barcelona or take a virtual cocktail class in Boston.

I have to say, I am seriously looking into what I should sign up to first.
I also think that this kind of idea and platform could become popular and maintain it’s momentum long after the pandemic has passed.

Check out the link below and leave a comment with your thoughts!

xxx Miss J

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