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10 Things To Do Inspired From Your Travels Whilst Under Isolation or Quarantine

You know, I don’t think I can think of anything else that has been so widespread and experienced by so many people on a global scale. Corona has affected almost every country, every culture, every social class and every race on the globe.

So whilst we are all keeping ourselves from interacting with anyone we don’t have to and ensuring we don’t spread a virus that could severely make ill or kill someone, I have come up with some nifty ways to keep yourself entertained inspired by your previous trips.

#1 Catalogue and Archive your photos on your computer: This sounds obvious right, but to properly upload, tag, organise and categorise each of your hundreds (or in my case thousands) of photos, takes AAAAAAAGGGGGGEEEESSSSSS.
yes Ages. This will take up minimum of a few good hours to a good few days gone, but this is the most essential step for you to set yourself up for no hassle in the future.
Go on , do it, you have no excuses.

#2 Recreate or create your own piece of art inspired by your favourite travel moment, photo or artwork that you saw at a museum: I love to buy art when I am travelling, street art or art bought at a market is my favourite. I love unique pieces and I love generic mass produced paintings, I don’t care, if I see it and it inspires me or captures a memory or moment on my travels, I want to buy it. So I have decided to challenge myself and do some of my own art. I will do a separate post on this when I finally get to explore my creative side.

#3 Digitally explore an destination you would normally have to pay for: There are so many museums, galleries, plays and zoos now offering the opportunity to explore and watch what they have to offer online. I will compile a list separately as there are quite a few already that have come out and the list will continue to grow.

#4 Create your own itinerary and and travel capsule coffee book: If you took some amazing photos whilst you were on your travels and if you travelled to multiple places or visited a lot of different attractions and stumbled on some great secret little finds, you may want to consider making a beautiful coffee book out of your notes and photos. There are some great places that offer all kinds of pricing and options depending on how professional you want your book to look.

#5 Print your favourite photos and hand write something about the photo on the back; Once you have organised your photos, now is your chance to pick and select your favourite shots that you have taken. If you are having trouble picking or you are like me and have visited multiple destinations it may be easier to try and print photos in a way that tell a story of your trip.

#6 Create your own Memorabilia: This is pure fun! There are plenty of places now that will late you create your own memorabilia, vista print is a popular example that ships to most countries. Get creative and create your own magnets, cups, coffee books, pens, shirts, bags, mouse pads – really whatever you want to print on!

#7 Recreate your favourite dishes from your travels; Who doesn’t come back from their holiday with a favourite new food they were able to find? For me it was ‘War Fries’ that I tried in Amsterdam. It was unlike anything I had tried back home, and I am obsessed. If you can’t fully make or recreate your favourite food, then try making a fusion creation using your countries available ingredients and an altered version of the recipe.

#8 Write TripAdvisor reviews for all those places you loved visiting; Now more than ever is the perfect time to be leaving a positive review for all the places you have visited in the past 12 months. The tourism industry has taken a massive hit and will need all the help it can get to get back on its feet. So if you can leave a positive review for any place, business or experience you had that will go a long way hopefully in helping the industry in getting back on its feet when it can.

#9 Plan your next trip; What better way to use all your free time than to start planning your next holiday. For me I will be looking to support local business and destinations and then maybe an international destination that has a community or economy that is heavily reliant on tourism to survive. I’m thinking Queensland and then Hawaii!

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