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Lufthansa Premium Economy Review

Route: Singapore to Frankfurt
Class: Premium Economy
Month Flown: November 2019

I have to say that when I took my Premium Economy Flight with Lufthansa, I boarded the plane tired, sleep deprived and after a 7 hour delay with them due to a strike.

I was not expecting to be impressed.

So it surprised even me that I found myself quite impressed and even more comfortable than my previous Singapore Airlines Premium Economy flight.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I felt that during my flight the crew were more friendly and welcoming, and my seat was a little more roomy and spacious than Singapore Airlines Premium Economy seat.

Perhaps the crew were extra friendly due to the fact that there had been such a big delay of its fleet and they did not want any trouble from passengers, but I definitely enjoyed this flight more.

Free water is stocked in a compartment near your feet rests and the space for placing bags under your seat is generous. I also fit quite generously in their seats, adn I am a largeer lardy, so that should give you indication about seat space and ocmfort.

The food was quite enjoyable, considering it was air plane food it was not too salty, dry or overcooked. The Appetiser was my favourite along with the breakfast which was the best breakfast I had on my whole trip. The meals are not only tasty but a decent size and come with decent sides and snacks.

I have to say I would definitely fly with Lufthansa again, but I would definitly think twice if the pattern of strikes continues.

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