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Singapore Airport at Grave Diggers Hour – The Walking Dead

So on my trip to Europe, Lufthansa had a 7 hour delay due to a strike. This meant that I landed at about 9:40 pm at night in Singapore (after already a 10+ hour flight) and then after lining up for an hour and a half and finally being re-booked on to another two flights as I had missed my next two connecting flights, I was left with five and a half hours to kill at Singapore airport.

The first thing to note, is Singapore airport while open late, is not a 24 hour airport, and most things are starting to close by 10:30pm or 11:00pm.

By midnight, your looking at a pretty empty airport. Now if you are like me and managed to get stranded at an airport during a strike at midnight, you are in for a scene not that similar to the first few episodes of the walking dead . Bodies will be grouped together, dispersed in different locations throughout the building as an eerie silence will befall the airport. Chairs will become sleep pods, backpacks will become pillows and faces will touch what they should never touch – an airport floor!

I of course, with a touch of pride and germaphobia, refused to succumb to the call of desperation and fatigue! I therefore forced myself to walk every step I could of the Singaporean airport. Of course it was so late that I missed the last sky rail to the other half of the airport and unfortunately the more exciting half where the waterfall and sky garden is located. This meant I was confined to a small area where a little pond was with some wonderful giant fish and a carefully maintained mini botanical garden was located.

I wondered this area repeatedly, forcing myself to walk over and over until my body and mind gave out after about 24 hours without sleep, leaving me to finally succumb to the deepest micro sleep whilst seated leaning upright against a wall at the terminal where my plane was to board.

So please enjoy these photos, as I go through them I am seeing them for the first time well rested and not with a slight touch of delirium!

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