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2020 Travel Savings Tracker – Free Download

As we have officially entered 2020 and it’s the first week of a new year, I know you all will be planning your holidays for the next 12 months and if you are like me, wondering how you will afford it!

I recently saw some financial savings challenges making the rounds on the internet and thought I would create my own version but with a few extra columns to make it more realistic and offer me the opportunity to track when I am unable to set aside my desired amount (hey, life happens).

I have created mine in an excel spreadsheet so that it automatically updates my savings for each week, therefore no having to manually enter the information and you can edit the amount to suit yourself.

I have decided to upload it as a little free thank you to all my readers and fellow travel buddies, and wish you a happy and safe 2020 filled with many more adventures and travels.

xxx Miss J

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