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Singapore Airlines Premium Economy Review

Flight Duration: 7hr 40 min
Airport: Sydney Airport
Flight Time: 4:10 pm (Sydney time)
Flight Total Time: 7 hours 42 mins
Meals offered: Yes – Dinner, snacks and Breakfast
In flight entertainment: Yes

I have never flown Singapore airlines before, nor have I ever flown premium economy, so this was a first on two levels for me.

I have to say, I was expecting more from Singapore airlines. I am not sure why. Don’t get me wrong, it was not unpleasant and I wasn’t unhappy, but for some reason I was just expecting something a little more impressive.

First of all, the space is definitely better than anything I have flown, so premium economy gets the thumbs up as definitely worth the extra money for long hall flights.

In terms of storage, there is the usual storage space under the tv mounted on the chair infront of you.

There is a little foot rest and the space is big enough for you to comfortably put your bag in the chair underneath without it touching your feet.

I have taken a photo, and while it does look cramped, I am a plus size gal so I am bigger than the average woman and still had plenty of space.

The menu was great, the food was plentiful and there was plenty to choose from at each meal. In fact it was some of the best that I have ever had on a flight, so for that I give them full marks.

The first thing you are offered is champagne and salted nuts – delicious and a fantastic way to start your flight and wet your appetite.

Below is the menu on offer for those who are on board and don’t pre-order their food, including the amenities kit that you are able to ask for (not automatically given).

The dinner included and entree of Thai style prawns with glass noodles. It was absolutely delicious and to be honest I will probably be adding this dish to one of my regular recipes at home.

I preordered my dinner meal and got the beef carbonade. This was not available to those on-board from the in flight menu and was only for those who preorderd online in advance.

The snacks with dinner included a bread roll, cheese and crackers and an ice cream cookie that was absolutely divine! Cutlery is metal which is always a nice addition, however I found it odd that the water came in a yoghurt looking style package. A water bottle would have been appreciated.

Click on each image below to see each photo larger with more detail.

I wouldn’t hesitate to fly Singapore airlines again, however taking into account their prices compared to that of other airlines, I would probably pick another airline that could offer premium economy for less.

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