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Top Travel Hack Ebay Purchases – Round 2 !!

1- Touch pad Bluetooth Keyboard Case – Universal for Android/Windows

If you plan on writing and blogging your journey and you are like me and cannot live without a keyboard, then this tablet/iPad case is for you. Featuring an actual finger touch pad much like that of a real laptop, it’s perfect for those who want to travel with the use of a laptop but without the cumbersome weight and space it would take up.


2. Snood Scarf with secret Pocket

For those who want an added layer of style WITH security, this is your answer. Not only will you be on trend but this has a secret pocket for you to be able to store your credit cards, money or passport. Thieves will not be thinking to check your scarf for a secret pocket as the first place to try and rob you is either your jacket/pants pockets or your purse. I loved these so much I ordered about 5 so I could change my look for each destination I travel too. I didn’t provide a specific seller link for this as there are dozens that all sell the same style with competing fluctuating prices. If you don’t live in Australia, simply type in the term ‘Scarf with Pocket’ and the endless lists of colourful security scarfs will come up.

3. Phone Charging Case


If you are one of those people who finds themselves running out of battery before you are even halfway through your day, then this is the charger for you. It is a case for your phone that extends your battery life by at least double.

6. Secret compartment Hair Brush

For those who are worried about storing cash at their hotel while they are out during the day, this is your answer. Out of everything people want to steal, somebody’s used hair brush is not one of them. Simply pop your cash in the hair brush and hide it with your regular makeup/beauty products and nobody will be any wiser.


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