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Top 12 eBay travel accessories scores under $30

This year I am trying to save hard for my upcoming trip at the end of the year.

That means I am on the hunt for a bargain, and of course I have turned to trusty eBay. So here I have listed the top 12 eBay accessories all under $30. I have also created a video where I review these items here.

There are 4 categories I have broken this into.

1 – Luggage organising

2 – Electronics

3 – Sleep and relaxation

4 – Travel must haves


6 Piece Luggage set – $12 AU

This 6 piece set comes with not only storage cubes and laundry pouches. They come in a multitude of colours and are deep enough to keep a fair amount of clothes folded neatly. Can be used as a great way to recognise makeup and toiletries too.

5 Piece Luggage Set – $12 AU

This set comes in a range of sizes and colours. Perfect for organising clothing in a suitcase as they are all rectangle in size as well as waterproof and breathable.

Clear Travel Pouches – $1-$2 AU

These are fantastic for storing wet or dirty clothes, also fantastic for storing toiletries which may leak during travel. I love the fact they are clear and you can quickly see through them to locate whatever it is you have packed.
They come in 8 different sizes – perfect for anything you may want to organise or pack.


Universal Adapter with USB’s – $13

This is fantastic, if you travel often and are sick and tired of having to buy a different adapter for different coutnries, then this is for you.
Not only does it cover for different regions but it also features USB points. They also come in a multitude of colours.

Hand Held Luggage Scale – $8 AU
Sick and tired of guessing if you have over packed your luggage, this little lifesaver should be a must have in your packing list. Can measure up to 50kg!
8GB Cross Pendant Video Recorder – $24 AU

This is for all those who love to video their travels or maybe own a Vlog. It’s also great for those who want to ensure they have a record of their surroundings for safety purposes, especially if you are a solo female traveller. It comes in black or silver, but the black hides the camera hole much better! The quality isn’t bad either, I mean it’s not what you would get from a proper video recorder or today’s smart phones but it was surprising better than what I was expecting when I gave mine a test.

Portable Aromatherapy Diffuser – $12

I can’t sleep without my essential oils, I have trouble sleeping and I find that this is a lifesaver. I can’t imagine going away for weeks at a time without mine so I found a portable version . There are many different kinds you can get, some larger than others, but I love this one as it has a little light that can be turned on or off.

Sleep and Relaxation:

Blow up Neck Support Pillow – $2.70 AU

I can’t stand the recline in an airplane, it’s pretty much the worst thing for your neck when it comes to sleeping. I love to bring a sleeping pillow but have found in the past most of them are not compact to take with you and also don’t fully support your neck as they are not wide enough. I have finally found a cheap one that actually supports that gap between your head and neck, and it can be deflated once your done, therefore saving valuable space.
Micro Fleece Blanket – $16.50 AU
I haaaaate being cold on a long haul flight, not all flights provide you with a blanket and even on the ones that do I wouldn’t dare using those germ filled things. It’s nice to have your own that can’t get mixed up with someone else’s. It’s also nice for when your hotel is a little chilly and they don’t provide you with warm enough blankets. When I received mine I also was able to drape it so that it looked like a long snuggly scarf. Perfect for those European winters.

Travel Must Haves:

Adjustable Camera Tripod – $16.50 AU
For the moments that no one else is there to catch for you!

Waterproof Raincoat – $18 AU

Easily rolled up into you bag, these are a must for those who don’t want to have to hold an umbrella all the time! This also comes with a puch to keep it in so your items don’t get wet when you fold it away and place it in your bag.
RFID Blocking Anti Scan Travel Wallet – $13 AU

Only available for Australian and New Zealand residents, however I am sure they would post internationally if you contacted. This is perfect for keeping all your important documents and cards safe as it blocks scammers from getting your info. They come in 5 different colours but I love the tiffany blue colour. It also comes with a little bookmark and sd card organiser for carrying all your many snaps.

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