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Jetstar Economy Review

Flight Details

Flight Duration: 1hr 45 min
Airport: Hobart Domestic Terminal
Flight Time: 4:25 pm
Flight Reference: JQ722
Meal offered: N/A
In flight entertainment: N/A

Oh Jetstar, where do I begin.

The thing about flying Jetstar is your expectations are already low on boarding.

The space is small and cramped when it comes to comfort. This is not an airline you fly for more than 3.5 hours, in my personal opinion. But I have to give credit where credit is due, and my experience while not fabulous, wasn’t terrible either. Sure I had some guy next to me man spread and fall asleep digging his arms into me, but that’s not Jetstars fault.

I was given the option to purchase food on board the flight, for an extra cost to be paid by card only. I had just come off an intense work trip that I had been freaking out about so I treated my self to some bubbles, a salami stick and a sausage roll/pie combo. The food, while taking a while to be heated (which they notify you about when you purchase) was not bad I have to say. The bubbles were not bad either.

Here are some photos of the little on flight party I had with myself.

I have to say that the customer service on Jetstar is pretty good all round too. The ladies at the desk are lovely and most of the flight attendants are polite too. There was one meat head looking guy who looked like he would have been happier to be working out at the gym but there is one at every work place.

My personal rating – 3/5

What they could have done for the extra stars

Jetstar is never going to receive a 5 star rating, that’s not how budget airlines work for comfort. But they would have gotten a rating of 4 if you didn’t charge for beverages such as tea,coffee and juices. It’s understandable that you don’t offer free food on a budget flight, but surely you could factor in a basic beverage.

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