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Virgin Economy Review

Flight Details
Duration: 2 hours
Airport: Sydney Kingsford Domestic
Flight Time: 7:35am
Flight Reference: VA1528
Meal offered: Yes – tea/coffee with snack which was a proteins bar.
In flight entertainment: N/A

I recently flew virgin from Sydney to Hobart. I have only ever flown Qantas or Jetstar so I was interested to experience a different airline.

I have to say I was impressed with the fact that when I checked in online, I was able to pick my seat. This meant that at 48 hours to go I was able to still snag myself a window seat, perfect for allowing myself to snag a photo on decent into Hobart.

There was no in flight entertainment, which is not surprising on such a short flight, the seats compared to my return Jetstar flight were a lot more comfortable, but that could be because my return flight saw me have a guy fall asleep and in crouch on my personal space.

It was an early morning flight so snacks were provided. I was given a tea/coffee option with a snack from the Kez’s Kitchen range which was a Gluten Free & Naked Choc Crunch Protein Bar. Considering it was such an early flight, I did think there would be something of a little more substance, but considering they have so many passengers to serve in such a short period I guess you can’t have unreasonable expectations.

My personal rating – 4/5

What they could have done for the extra stars
Something a little more substantial for such an early morning flight for the breakfast period. Even if it was a juice with the bar or a piece of fruit.

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