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Join a Private Travel Group with a Difference! Call out for Travel Loving Moderators….

I am currently a part of a women only private Facebook travel group, and while I love the group – things have turned sour lately.

I am considering starting my own travel Facebook Group so I can really focus on a group that would fit more what I am looking in. I would be one of the moderates but I would be looking for moderates to help. So here are the rules.


1, I am Queen moderater. I have the final say in what is and isn’t acceptable, as this private group will be based around my blog.

2, This is a travel group, not a place to air or post anything political related or deliberately decisive.

3, A sense of humour is a must, social justice warriors and easily offended critics need not apply. If you slip into the group and rear your angry head you will be banned.

5, If you cannot disagree with someone without becoming aggressive, you will be banned.

6, No swearing at others, it’s crass thank you.

7, Posting of blogs will not be allowed except on dedicated days where it will be a free for all. I will announce what the dates are. This ensures everyone gets their chance to advertise themselves without uploading unnecessary spam.

8, If you are a owner or investor of a travel related product or business, you may not post it without first seeking a moderators permission. Once given the OK to do so you may post your business or product details. This is to avoid spam flooding the group.

9, There will be two groups. one will be Public and one will be a closed group for women only. It’s not that we don’t love you gents, just sometimes we have issues that only we can relate to.

I will post more rules if I think of them, if you are interested or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me or leave a reply!

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