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Could This Be The Ultimate Travel Journal For Wanderlusters?

I love capturing photos and memories, I also love to organise. So with my upcoming trip I am of course planning my ultimate travel folder to take with me. Yes a folder, not a journal, it’s A6 and will have every possible detail I need for my trip. However that being said I also want to have a travel journal for my trip this is more something that I can write down my thoughts, experiences,memories and keep photos I take in to match each day. I also have a weird love of keeping brochures and receipts of items I purchase overseas. Not for everything obviously, but special things. I did a little online shopping for the ultimate travel Journal and I think I may have just found it! 

Check it out, it’s bound in beautiful leather with postcard pockets and a maps. You can have it custom made with the theme of your destination and a title! I will be soooooo ordering one for myself as a gift! 

image 0

The only hard part will be to pick a colour……

They are made by ‘BespokeBindery‘ and the lovely artist Jeanette Hall is the creater. They can be purchased from Etsy. 

Bespoke Bindery:  

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